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Choosing Career

Choosing a right career is a big decision in one’s life. Parent holds great responsibility in helping their child choosing the right career. It is a momentous decision that may change the course of life. There are a lot of career options available these days .


Take some time to evaluate what interests you the most. Develop a clear image of your likes, dislikes, interests, skills, resources, etc. Self knowledge is important to hone your skills and base a strong career. However, here is a trap you should evaluate. Your interest may lie in art, but your skill would be in mathematics. So, you cannot travel in a  career path where you have no or poor basic skills.  Alternatively, when your interest and skills bind together, you can choose it, considering the other aspects. Based on your self-analysis, you can determine the career options that suit you well.


What should you do when your interest doesn’t sound good as a career? Make your interest a hobby and pursue a career in the field in which you possess strong skills.


Make a Realistic Goal


The first step to your career is to set a goal for yourself  . You should exactly know that what are the streams and areas that interests you. Check out the future prospects into those things . Make a list on different professional fields that are opening through the subjects . Remember it is essential to have a great passion to drive a career but you should be paid a good amount through that passion is extremely important. So set a goal which is realistic in nature.




Seek help from parents and teachers


Never make a decision by yourself. Your parents and teachers knows you better. Always discuss with your parents and teachers about your career plans . Sometimes parents know more about their child, than the child. Parents should lend a helping hand in identifying the career options for children and encourage them.


Regardless of the career option your child is focusing , education qualification is mandatory. Encourage your child to pursue a higher degree, a maximum level possible.


Talk to the experts


If you cannot make a decision, you can always get a suggestion from career counselors. In fact many schools run a campaign or short programs on choosing a career for the high school students. Participating in a  program  will provide  quite an informative insight to the students.


Quick tips on choosing career:


·        Analyze the future job market and the opportunities


·        Make realistic expectations in your career path


·        Don’t be lazy in taking some initiatives


·        Be flexible and continue your education


·        Don’t choose a career just because your friend excelled or someone pressurized you when you have no skill or zero interest.

Trained professionals will guide you in choosing the right career. Generally, career counselors will provide you with a questionnaire to analyze and understand the areas of interests, strengths, weaknesses, ambitions and goals. Decide and then proceed in the career path that interests you.